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FiberMeQC's 100% Fiber
Blazing-fast to Ridiculously-fast.

25M to 100M Speeds

100% Fiber - Doing things cable and DSL simply can't do.

What makes 100% fiber so special?

The answer is bandwidth

● Incredible bandwidth allowing much more data to flow through the line than any other technology

● All the speed you and your family need, without sharing your connection with neighbors

● Consistently fast 24/7, with no slowdowns

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Deerbrook/Deer Ridge in Bettendorf
Highlands/Hopewell in Bettendorf
The Villas at Devils Glen in Bettendorf
Meredith Way & Cherrywood in Bettendorf
McClellan Heights in Davenport
Oakbrook in Davenport
Broadway District in Rock Island

All Other Neighborhoods